👋🏼 Hi, I'm Scott!

I’m a digital product designer and Bay Area native. 

I design user experiences, interactions, and user interfaces that help make information accessible, consumable, and beautiful. I believe the best design is informed by data and that a combination of qualitative and quantitative is key. 

I execute on design work across the spectrum, from user research and ideation to wireframing and prototyping. I’m biased toward action and design that delivers results.

I’m infinitely curious, low ego, and motivated by altruism. Read more about me or scroll down to see my work. 

From conception through execution, I can help you get it done.


Recent Projects

Getable Projects

Getable: Out-the-door Price Calculator

Bringing transparency to the rental marketplace.

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Getable: Browse — Find it, Rent it, Done.

Redesign of Getable's browse flow.

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Getable: Home Page

Modernizing construction equipment rentals. 

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Getable: Landing Pages

Educate and convert users into customers. 

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More Projects

Wanda: Medical SaaS Redesign

Redesign to increase clarity and physician efficiency while reducing patient readmissions. 

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VSCO Cam: Guerilla Usability Test

A quick and dirty usability test to identify UX problems & a presentation of possible solutions. 

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Cognoa: Pediatric Autism Diagnosis

Reducing the time to diagnosis for children with autism and developmental delay. 

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