Hey there!

This is my full about page where I tell you a little more about what makes me, me. 

In case you missed it, here is my elevator pitch from my homepage. If you only read one thing, read this:

I’m a full stack digital product designer and Bay Area native.

I design user experiences, interactions, and user interfaces that help make information accessible, consumable, and beautiful. I believe the best design is informed by data and that a combination of qualitative and quantitative is key.

As a full stack designer I execute on design work across the spectrum, from user research and ideation to wireframing and prototyping. I’m biased toward action and design that delivers results.

I’m infinitely curious, low ego, and motivated by altruism.

Most recently, I led the design effort at Getable, an on-demand equipment rental platform similar to Uber/Lyft. As Getable’s sole designer, I led and executed on design work across Getable’s consumer facing site, internal tools, and supplier platform. In addition to UX, UI, copywriting/content strategy, and Visual design work, I grew and iterated on Getable’s brand through sales and marketing collateral. 

In less than 6 months I led Getable through a complete product pivot, designed and shipped a new responsive equipment rental experience, and improved the supplier experience, all under very tight deadlines. 

I'm UX generalist or startup swiss army knife if you prefer.  Time is critical to the success of many projects so I get things done as quickly as possible. That doesn't mean I cut corners. I run usability studies and user research for existing projects as well as flesh out new ideas from concept through prototype at varying levels of fidelity. Metrics matter and if need be I can help you define those that are critical to your project. I'm very comfortable with Sketch & Adobe CC (PS, AI, ID). 

I've dabbled in front end dev and even some Ruby. While not a developer, I love what coding I've done and continue to learn in my free time. 

When I'm not sitting in front of my computer, I enjoy sitting about 100 yards off the edge of the continent on top of a piece of foam, surfing.  Other interests include burritos, camping, the environment, learning, live music, film making, & photography.

Any questions? Want to be friends? I love connecting (not networking) with people. Let's get acquainted.