As Getable’s sole designer I lead and execute design work across Getable’s consumer-facing site, internal tools, and supplier platform.

In addition to UX, UI, and Visual design work, I work on growing and iterating on Getable’s brand through marketing/sales collateral.

In the past 8 months I’ve led Getable through a complete product pivot, designed and shipped a new responsive equipment rental experience, and improved the supplier experience, all under very tight deadlines.

Below you will see a few select projects that I've completed with insight into the process. 



Getable is an e-commerce marketplace that serves the construction equipment rental industry.

The demand side is comprised of tradespeople, contractors, retail customers, businesses, and homeowners. The supply side is predominantly national rental chains, independents, and specialty rental shops. 

Getable's marketplace functions as a platform that connects renters and suppliers. We manage the rental process, set policies and accepted standards, and ensure that the right renters get matched with the right suppliers. 

We're funded by top-tier venture capital firms including Social Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, Collaborative Fund, Lowercase Capital, and more.

A quick note on process

We're a startup and our success depends on the speed and quality of execution. The faster we execute, the faster we learn and iterate. 

The process for many of these was quick and dirty — it's a very agile process. I would meet with the CEO, COO, CTO, and engineering lead. Together we would discuss business goals, technical constraints, and a time frame for execution. I would then synthesize that information and begin rapidly building out the flow, wireframes, and UI. Often I would have a rough flow to discuss in just a few hours.  From there the fidelity would increase with every iteration until we were satisfied with the outcome. 

Next I would meet with the engineering lead and the team that would be building the feature. I handed off the designs via Zeplin (, which generates all of the specs. 

From there I would make myself available for questions and tweaks as needed, then I would QA. All of this would happen while concurrently working on additional projects. 

Product Design Projects

Marketing/Branding Projects