On May 17, 2014 hosted a code-free hackathon: Protohack.  Essentially, this hackathon was aimed at ideation and rapid prototyping for designers and non technical business folk.  

The premise was simple: you don't need to be a developer to create something amazing.  

Some fellow Tradecrafters (TCers) and I decided it would be a fun way to spend a Saturday so a bunch of us registered.  It was the perfect opportunity for us TCers to leverage our different talents in a competitive yet fun atmosphere.  It was also a tremendous amount of work,  more work than I thought could possibly be done in just one day, but it paid off & we ended up taking home first place for our simple exercise app: Take-Ten.

My teammate Lyle McKeany's post on Medium: How to Create Something from Nothing.

My Role

  • UX + a little bit of everything
  • Ideation
  • Persona Development
  • Sketching
  • Interface Design
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping


i. Ideation

My teammates and I literally walked into this event with nothing in mind.  We didn't even know we were going to be teammates.  Lyle, Molly, and myself commuted into the City from the North Bay so we sort of decided to stick together.  We figured we couldn't leave without one another so we might as well team up.  Then fellow TCer Sheba walked over and she happily completed our four person team.  

With the team set, we needed to come up with an app idea.  This part of the hackathon was probably the most difficult.  With limited time and unlimited ideas the ideation process was paralyzing.  We threw around a handful of ideas, then scoped them according to judging criteria, and inevitably narrowed it down to a few of the best.  We ended up choosing to prototype an app that we felt like would service our needs and could possibly benefit other like minded individuals.  

Take-Ten is born.  Full pitch here.  Take-ten is a crowd sourced wellness/exercise app that allows users to exercise anywhere for ten minutes at a time.  Read the full pitch for all the details, it's pretty awesome.

ii. Design

Next we needed to actualize this idea & the fastest way to do this was by sketching. Before sketching out the rough UI we created a persona to keep our users needs in mind.  Meet Steve.  Steve represents all of us TCers.  He's busy, hard working, and short on time. 

After defining the persona we created some rough UI sketches.  The hackathon provided iPhone and Android based phones to sketch over.  We didn't really care about which phone we drew on.  In the end we simply needed to get the ideas on paper.  

After shaping out the rough UI we decided in light of time that we needed to start going high fidelity and start prototyping.  Typically, I would have preferred to test low fidelity wireframes before building a hi-fi prototype, but this was a hackathon sprint so off we went.  

High fidelity screens:

iii. The prototype and 60-second pitch

Prototype -  click to launch

The pitch:

Meet Steve, a 35 year-old who works long hours and feels unhealthy because he has very little time to go the the gym.
Take-Ten to the rescue: Steve pulls out the app wherever he is, and it shows him quick 10 minute exercise suggestions based on his location, ordered by distance.  The workouts are all contributed by people in the community. They're within minutes of his location, they're free, and they require no equipment. 
Steve can swipe up to see details of the workout and a community leaderboard of peoples best times for the workout, as well as his own record if he's done the workout before. Steve's competitive spirit kicks in and motivates him to climb up the leaderboard. But he can also keep his workouts private if he wants to.
Take-Ten makes it easy to have an enjoyable, hassle-free workout wherever you are and it creates a community around it to keep you motivated.
Ten minute workouts wherever you are -- Take-Ten!