We had 60 seconds to present our idea + prototype & we new that nailing the presentation would be critical to our success. 

Here's the pitch:

Meet Steve, a 35 year-old who works long hours and feels unhealthy because he has very little time to go the the gym.
Take-Ten to the rescue: Steve pulls out the app wherever he is, and it shows him quick 10 minute exercise suggestions based on his location, ordered by distance.  The workouts are all contributed by people in the community. They're within minutes of his location, they're free, and they require no equipment. 
Steve can swipe up to see details of the workout and a community leaderboard of peoples best times for the workout, as well as his own record if he's done the workout before. Steve's competitive spirit kicks in and motivates him to climb up the leaderboard. But he can also keep his workouts private if he wants to.
Take-Ten makes it easy to have an enjoyable, hassle-free workout wherever you are and it creates a community around it to keep you motivated.
Ten minute workouts wherever you are -- Take-Ten!

Here's a link to the Take-Ten Prototype.  If you're viewing this on an iPhone you can save it and launch it as if it were a real app.